菲利普·P. 佩里


菲利普·P. 佩里

菲利普·P. 佩里 人道主义奖 was conceived upon the passing of distinguished GKAR Member, 菲利普·P. 佩里在2004年. The Award honors the legacy of a Member who devoted his lifetime to selfless humanitarian efforts. 

The Award is given to a current GKAR Member who embodies the spirit of selflessness that was important to Mr. 佩里 throughout his life. To submit a Nomination, please read the Guidelines and use the form below.





I have been concerned about affordable housing for many years. I recall an article in the 卡拉马祖 Gazette that stated the 卡拉马祖 Public Schools identified over 900 children who were considered homeless. I hope you agree that is unacceptable. A number of years ago I served on the Board of 卡拉马祖 Valley Habitat for Humanity and volunteered on the construction of a home on Holland Ave for a single 有两个孩子的妈妈. My wife kept in touch with the new homeowner; several years later we had the opportunity to attend her child’s high school graduation Open 房子. For the past 10 or so years my efforts have been primarily focused with Open Doors 卡拉马祖. Our church has partnered with Open Doors to provide maintenance and remodeling services for the five unit building at 530 W. 北圣. 我妻子和我也是 try to establish a relationship with the tenants we plant flowers in the spring, deliver goodies several times a year and small gift cards at Christmas. 大约8年前 woman moved in coming out of the Open Doors Women’s Shelter for homeless 个人. She had previously enjoyed a successful professional 职业生涯, was married and had two children. Her addiction took everything home, job, family and dignity. She is now a certified addiction coach with a local agency. She has reestablish the connection with the children. We also had the joy of attending their graduation open 房子. We’re convinced success in school is closely linked with safe, stable housing. My family has been richly blessed. We believe we have an obligation to share our blessings, to assist those who may need help. I hope to spend one hour working in a volunteer capacity for each hour I spent in committee meetings in my professional 职业生涯. I still have a long way to go. 贾里德·阿诺德 is an Associate Broker with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Michigan Real Estate. Jared began his 职业生涯 in 1981 at Reed & Company 房地产经纪人S®, working alongside 比尔里德, Steve Nuss, and Melody Stirk. He became a partner in 1985, joining Bill, Steve, and Gary Clay as owners. 后来,玛丽萨顿 & Olivia Hensley joined the firm—what a fun, synergistically successful team!

提名表格 & 指令 

The deadline for Nominations is September 1st 每年.

  • Include organizations and committees, offices held, awards received, specific accomplishments, 等.
  • 要具体. Use estimations of hours volunteered, number of people helped, 美元了, examples of things the Nominee has done, 等.
  • Include resumes, articles, testimonials, 等.


  1. The deadline for nominations is September 1st 每年. Nominees shall be any Member of GKAR who is in good standing. All levels of 会员 will qualify. 
  2. The Award is intended to recognize individual contributions, rather than Association or company-wide efforts. 然而, if an individual with a company can be singled out as instrumental to the success of a group effort, he or she is eligible. If the achievements of two 个人 absolutely cannot be separated, they can enter as a pair, and their entry will be considered as one.
  3. Nominees should have contributed in such a manner so as to have improved the quality of life for others in greater 卡拉马祖. Those activities are not limited to real estate or housing issues and may include such areas as crime prevention, 青年辅导, 无家可归, 和其他人.
  4. Nominees should have made a significant contribution of personal time; however, financial contributions or other resources may be considered by the Committee as well.
  5. Nominees will be judged on the level and impact of personal contributions and the suitability as a role model for others.
  6. The achievements of the Nominee will be documented by the Selection Committee.
  7. The 奖获得者 will be submitted by the Association to NAR for consideration for the NAR Good Neighbor Award.